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Suicide defies our universal instinct for self-preservation. It cuts through the core of our beliefs, leaving a trail of pain, emotional overflow, broken relationships, and frequently, a long list of unanswered questions.


What makes this book unique is that the author draws on extensive clinical evidence and personal stories of individuals who attempted suicide, families who lost loved ones, authors, and renowned specialists. It offers a powerful insight into the suicidal mind, comfort, and solace to survivors, practical tips on how to help those who are at risk, and valuable guidance to mental health professionals.


Paula Fontenelle was a noted journalist when her father took his own life, and it is from a personal, as well as a professional point of view that she wrote this honest, insightful book. At first, she wanted to understand what had led her father to suicide, but after hearing heart-wrenching testimonials from people touched by self-inflicted death, she embarked on a journey to address the questions that haunt the lives of more than 800,000 people worldwide, every year.

The first edition of this book was a finalist of “Prêmio Jabuti,” the Brazilian national book prize, and has been a leading reference in that country.

Recommended Books

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1. Books on Suicide and Grief

2. Books on Trauma

Reading about other people's experiences can foster a sense of comfort and understanding. It certainly helped me when I was searching for answers about my father's suicide, so I decided to share a list of insightful books that guided me through my personal journey. Some are autobiographical and others have been written by specialists. Nonetheless, they provide crucial information about the subject.

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Memoirs on grief and suicide grief

Understanding Suicide

  1. Understanding Suicide: Living with Loss, paths to Prevention - Paula Fontenelle

  2. Why people die by suicide - Thomas Joiner

  3. The Perversion of Virtue: Understanding Murder-Suicide - Thomas Joiner

  4. Myths about suicide - Thomas Joiner

  5. Treating suicidal clients & self-harm behaviors: assessments, worksheets & guides for interventions and long-term care - Meagan Houston

  6. The suicidal mind - Edwin Shneidman

  7. Definition of suicide - Edwin Shneidman

  8. Suicide: a study in sociology - ​Ëmile Durkheim

  9. November of the soul: the enigma of Suicide - George Howe Colt

  10. Why suicide?: questions and answers about suicide, suicide prevention, and coping with the suicide of someone you know - Eric Marcus

  11. Helping the suicidal person: Tips and Techniques for Professionals - Stacey Freedenthal

  12. Loving Someone with Suicidal Thoughts: What Family, Friends, and Partners Can Say and Do - Stacey Freedenthal

  13. Rethinking Suicide: Why Prevention Fails, and How We Can Do Better - Craig J. Bryan

  14. How Not to Kill Yourself: A Portrait of the Suicidal Mind - Clancy Martin 

  15. The Suicide Club: What to Do When Someone You Love Chooses Death - Alexandra Wyman

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