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Grief Support Group for Therapists

If you're a clinician grappling with the loss of patients, don't navigate this journey alone. Join our supportive community and discover the healing power of shared understanding among peers who truly comprehend the nuances of your experience. Join our six-week support group. Together, we'll navigate grief, gain valuable insights, and forge connections that can ease the burden of patient loss. 

Why join

As healthcare professionals, the emotional toll of losing patients can be deeply profound and often isolating. Yet, it can be incredibly challenging to find a support group specifically tailored to the needs and experiences of clinicians grieving the loss of patients. Our group fills this crucial gap by providing a safe and empathetic space exclusively for clinicians to come together, share their experiences, and receive support from peers who intimately understand the complexities of patient loss within a clinical context. By joining our group, therapists can find validation, camaraderie, and valuable insights that can aid in their healing journey and professional growth.

Frequently Asked Questions


The group facilitator
Paula Fontenelle, MA, psychotherapist

Paula Fontenelle is a psychotherapist with years of experience leading grief support groups. She is an invited professor at the Vita Alere Institute, in Brazil, where she teaches grief and post-traumatic growth to mental health professionals.

In addition to her experience as a grief facilitator, she hosts the top-rated podcast "Understand Suicide," where she delves into insightful conversations, offering valuable perspectives on coping with loss and promoting mental health. Her published book, "Understanding Suicide: Living with Loss, Paths to Prevention," is a comprehensive guide that reflects her commitment to providing support and resources for those on the journey of healing.

Our group has a maximum of 12 participants, so secure your spot by clicking on the button below:

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