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Guides and protocols for suicide prevention and postvention 

  1. The JED Foundation's Framework for Developing Institutional Protocols for the Acutely Distressed or Suicidal College Student - A tool to aid institutions in developing or revising protocols suitable to their unique environments. 

  2. The JED Foundation's Guide for Response to Suicide on College Campuses - It guides the planning and implementation of postvention efforts in the aftermath of suicide.

  3. SAMHSA's suicide prevention toolkit for high schools - Prevention strategies, how to respond after a death occurs, staff training, how to talk to parents and students, and screening tools.

  4. Suicide Prevention Resources Center's guide for teens - a list of websites with suicide prevention resources, including those who may be at risk for suicide and those who have friends who may be at risk.

  5. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Postvention Manual - The manual is aimed at educators, school psychologists, counselors, and professionals who work with children and adolescents in the aftermath of tragedies. 

  6. Dealing with Suicide in Schools: Prevention, Intervention and Postvention, a protocol created by the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Warren and Clinton Counties, in Ohio, US.

  7. Support after Suicide - Site with information to assist schools in responding to bereavement in their school community, particularly suicide bereavement. 

  8. Suicide and Social Media: a tipsheet for parents and providers, by the American Association of Suicidology.

  9. Center for Suicide Prevention Toolkit - Tips on how to prevent contagion, grief management, memorials, crisis, language, and communication plans.

  10. Memorials after suicide: Guidelines for schools - Site by The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide

  11. QPR Suicide (Question, Persuade, Refer) - Suicide prevention training.

  12. ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)

  13. Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program.

  14. Hope Squad - Shcool-based peer-to-peer suicide prevention program.

  15. Signs of Suicide - Suicide prevention program based on ACT (Acknowledge, Care, Tell).

  16. Traumatic Loss Coalition Program - Community support after a loss by suicide and other traumatic events.

  17. Willow House - Based in Illinois, it provides free grief support groups to families and kids.

  18. The Dougy Center - Based in Portland, Oregon, it provides free grief support groups to families and kids.

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