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Are you thinking about suicide?


In the United States CALL 1-800-273TALK (8255) or 911 for emergencies

The Suicide Prevention Lifeline (US) - 1-800-273TALK offers help in more than 150 languages.

- For their site CLICK HERE

- For Spanish press 2

- For the Veteran's Crisis Line press 1

  1. Crisis Text Line (US and UK) - 741741 - For site CLICK HERE

  2. The Trevor Project - Support for the LGBTQ community. CLICK HERE

  3. Australia suicide and crisis helpline - 13 11 14 - For site CLICK HERE

  4. Canada crisis and suicide helpline 1833 4564566 - For site CLICK HERE

  5. Brazil's 'disque-prevenção' - call 188


For a list of international hotlines - CLICK HERE

If someone you know attempted suicide

  1. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's guidelines - CLICK HERE



Reference Sites

  1. World Health Organization (suicide facts and statistics)

  2. The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention.

  3. Center for Suicide Prevention (Canada).

  4. Suicide Prevention Resource Center (US).​

  5. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

  6. American Association of Suicidology.

  7. National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (US)


  9. Suicide Resources from the Center for Disease Control, CDC - Resources, databases, publications and articles on suicide, prevention, and risk.

  10. Dealing with depression: a resource guide. 

  11. Start your Recovery:  Information for people who are dealing with substance use issues.

  12. Defining Wellness centers: drug and alcohol rehab center in Brandon, Mississippi. It contains updated information about many aspects of different types of addiction.

  13. College mental health resources: a list of mental health services and directories.

  14. Suicide survivors: an Australian webpage that aims to help those who survived a suicide attempt.

  15. Drug Watch: It provides information on high-risk medical products and health issues, and helps people take legal action if they’ve been injured.

  16. Mental health resources for college students.

  17. National Rehab Hotline.

  18. A teacher's guide to mental health in schools.

  19. Tips and Strategies for Supporting Students with Reading Disabilities.

  20. Hotlines: find them and understand how they help, by Boca Recovery Center.

  21. Rehab resources in Illinois by the Illinois Recovery Center. 

  22. Social Media and Suicide by Social Media Victims Law Center.

  23. Suicide Attempt Survivors - Resources to attempt survivors.

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