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Trainings in Suicide Prevention and Grief

Paula Fontenelle, MA, therapist and author

As a specialist in suicide prevention and suicide grief, I provide comprehensive services tailored to the specific needs of government agencies, corporations, non-profit organizations, first responders, teachers, and healthcare professionals. I offer training programs to equip clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and support individuals at risk. Additionally, I provide consultation services to guide the development and implementation of mental health programs, ensuring a supportive environment for individuals experiencing grief or suicidal ideation. Together, we can create a compassionate and resilient society, addressing the complex challenges of suicide and supporting those affected by grief.

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Suicide prevention and mental health awareness can help businesses create a supportive and healthy work environment, reduce absenteeism, and enhance overall employee well-being. By promoting awareness, corporations show commitment to employees' mental health, which can ultimately lead to increased productivity and a positive impact on their trust and connection within the workplace. 


Mental health-related issues can result in significant financial costs for corporations, including lost productivity, increased healthcare expenses, and potential legal liabilities. By investing in prevention training, companies can proactively address these issues, reducing the economic burden associated with mental health challenges. Besides, corporations have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees.

Finally, in today's socially conscious landscape, consumers and stakeholders expect corporations to prioritize mental health and well-being. By actively investing in suicide prevention training, companies not only fulfill their social responsibility but also enhance their brand reputation, attracting top talent, and fostering customer loyalty.

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Government Agencies

My services are tailored to meet the unique needs of government agencies and bodies because they can help build capacity for suicide prevention at the community level. The training empowers government officials to develop effective suicide prevention programs, implement evidence-based interventions, and work collaboratively with community partners to address this critical issue.

Through comprehensive training programs, policy development, and resource coordination, my services can help your agency build a strong foundation for proactive prevention efforts, equip your staff with essential skills, and foster a compassionate environment where individuals in need receive the support they deserve.


Moreover, by prioritizing mental health and suicide prevention, you contribute to creating a resilient and thriving society. A community with robust mental health support systems experiences reduced social and economic costs associated with suicide, improved overall well-being, and enhanced public safety.


Together, we can create a safer and more supportive environment for those at risk of suicide, and make a meaningful impact in the lives of those struggling with mental health challenges.

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Healthcare Providers

My training in suicide prevention equips healthcare providers with the knowledge and skills to identify and assess individuals at risk of suicide. This proactive approach can significantly reduce the incidence of suicide within your patient population. By addressing these issues, healthcare providers and institutions can enhance their ability to address the complex mental health challenges faced by patients, ultimately improving patient outcomes and fostering a culture of compassionate care.


When implementing evidence-based interventions, developing comprehensive safety plans, and enhancing risk assessment protocols, providers can effectively respond to patients in crisis and coordinate appropriate care, ultimately saving lives and providing vital support to those in need.

Grief can have a significant impact on an individual's mental and physical well-being, often requiring specialized support. Through my services, your healthcare providers will gain access to training and resources that enable them to provide empathetic and effective grief support to patients and their families. This enhanced capacity to address grief can promote healing, improve patient satisfaction, and strengthen the reputation of your healthcare institution as a center of comprehensive and compassionate care.


Moreover, by prioritizing mental health within your institution, you attract and retain high-quality healthcare providers who value a supportive work environment and opportunities for professional growth.

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Mental Health Clinicians

By leveraging my expertise, mental health professionals can enhance their clinical skills, expand their knowledge base, and provide more effective support to clients.

Suicide is a complex and sensitive issue, requiring a nuanced understanding of risk factors, assessment techniques, and intervention strategies.


By receiving targeted training in suicide prevention, you can develop the skills necessary to identify individuals at risk, conduct thorough assessments, and implement evidence-based interventions. This enhanced competence not only improves the safety and well-being of your clients but also boosts your professional confidence and provides a stronger foundation for your clinical practice.

Grief is a deeply personal and complex experience, and clients grappling with loss often require specialized therapeutic support. By working with me, you can gain insights into grief theories, learn effective grief counseling techniques, and acquire tools to navigate the unique challenges associated with grief.


This training can help you provide more compassionate and tailored support to your clients, fostering healing, resilience, and meaningful growth in the face of loss.

Furthermore, investing in specialized training in suicide prevention and grief support can set you apart as a mental health clinician. This can lead to increased professional opportunities, referrals, and the ability to make a significant impact on the well-being of your clients.

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Media Corporations

The media wields significant influence in shaping public perception and attitudes towards suicide. Responsible and accurate reporting can help raise awareness, reduce stigma, and promote help-seeking behaviors among those at risk.


However, it is essential for journalists to navigate this delicate subject with sensitivity and a deep understanding of the potential impact of their words and images. Through my training, media professionals can learn about best practices in suicide reporting, ethical considerations, and guidelines for responsible messaging. They will gain the tools to craft narratives that prioritize safety, foster empathy, and provide valuable resources for individuals in crisis or those affected by suicide.

Moreover, suicide prevention training can equip broadcasters with the skills to recognize warning signs and effectively communicate with individuals who may be at risk. This can help these professionals identify opportunities for intervention and connect individuals to appropriate support networks, ultimately contributing to the well-being of their audience and society at large.

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Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations play a critical role in addressing societal needs, often working with vulnerable populations who may be at an increased risk of suicide or grappling with grief. By investing in suicide prevention and grief support training, your organization can empower your staff, volunteers, and stakeholders with the knowledge and skills to identify warning signs, provide compassionate support, and refer individuals to appropriate resources.

Additionally, as a nonprofit organization, you understand the importance of maximizing resources as you make a meaningful impact. By implementing suicide prevention and grief support services, you can proactively address the mental health needs of the communities you serve, potentially reducing the risk of suicide and providing crucial support to individuals experiencing grief.


My services can enhance the effectiveness of your programs, attract more funding opportunities, and strengthen your reputation as an organization dedicated to holistic well-being. 


I greatly appreciate the trust placed by these individuals, organizations, and professionals who have collaboratively worked with me to create a safer environment for those struggling with grief and at risk of suicide.


Kendra Morri-Jacobson, MA
Director of Oregon Programs, Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center

Paula’s training was extraordinary! Her presentation was an exquisite balance of warmth and compassion combined with the latest data, science, and best practice around understanding and supporting those at risk for suicide. Our diverse audience of parents and professionals left feeling so empowered! We can’t wait to have her back."

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Daniela Reis
Clinical Psychologist, EMDR Trainer

I first came in touch with Paula’s work through her book, which fascinated me for the way in which she put together research and personal stories with a great deal of compassion. To me, Paula is a true example of Post-Traumatic Growth. Gratitude is the word I have to describe my respect for her personal and professional paths and the seriousness of her work.

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Donna Thomas, ODHS Child Welfate Training, Retention & Recruitment (Oregon Gov)

This training was so ah-mazing! I learned about myself and my own biases. I learned how to interact with folks who are struggling and how to lean into the conversation.

We don’t have to be afraid to help others.  When we know better we can do better.

Paula helps us to learn how to ask and listen!

I highly recommend this training.

 I enjoyed that such a heavy topic was presented in a kind, informative, and humane way.  I appreciated hearing about different things one might be able to do to help someone out if they are facing a mental health crisis and some of the warning signs. It was impactful and I think anyone could benefit from Paula’s training.​​  

Jenny Spivey, Oregon Depto of Human Services


Marty Michelson, Licensed
counselor in Oregon

I recently had the privilege of attending Paula Fontenelle's suicide prevention seminar, and I must say that it was an outstanding experience. I was impressed by Paula's immense competence and expertise in the subject matter. Her in-depth knowledge and understanding were evident throughout the entire seminar and the handouts were of exceptional quality.

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José Osmando de Araújo, Diretor of Meio Norte News Group, Brazil

After the suicide of our city's mayor, with whom many of us had a close, personal relationship, we contacted Paula to help our teams process their loss. The experience was not only informative but healing. Since then, her words guide the way we cover this sensitive subject and the manner in which we deal with this kind of grief. Paula deserves our gratitude and respect. 


Georgena Grace, MA, RSCP, CRSTrauma Specialist / Grief Guide

Paula's professionalism, presence, pace of the training and content benefit anyone wishing to up-level their knowledge and skills on suicide prevention and grief healing. The simplicity of her practical tools empower participants to employ them immediately. If you are seeking holistic training for your staff to listen, lean in, and ultimately save lives, engage Paula today.

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