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Paula fontenelle speaker

Paula Fontenelle is an active voice in suicide prevention. She facilitates workshops and presents keynotes with a focus on grief, prevention, and the healing power of relationships. 


Paula Fontenelle started her professional career as a journalist, having worked in TV (as a presenter and reporter), radio, and as the Chief Editor of Diário do Grande ABC, a newspaper in São Paulo, Brazil. Author of three published books, her second one “Suicide: Living with Loss, paths to Prevention,” was a finalist of the Brazilian Book Award.

After the loss of her father to suicide, in 2005, which inspired her to write her second book, Paula decided to change careers and become a therapist. Since then, she has finished formal training in Psychoanalysis, in Brazil, and a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health, at George Fox University, in Portland/OR.

For more than a decade, Paula has trained mental health professionals, medical doctors, journalists, and various other publics. She believes that raising awareness about suicide is not enough. We need to learn how to identify the warning signs and take a proactive, non-judgmental stance on prevention. 


Her work has contributed to educating therapists and breaking the silence regarding suicide. She is passionate about inspiring individuals to conquer a meaningful life. Through the years, Paula has been a featured expert in grief, suicide, and the healing power of relationships. 

What you should expect

  • She gets personal: Paula believes that people connect with stories, not theory or data. She will share her family’s struggle and that of many individuals who have been interviewed by her for her podcast, book, and YouTube channel.

  • She adapts her presentation to your needs: no matter who the audience is, they will feel inspired and connected with her message of hope.

  • She talks about hard topics with a light heart: the participants will leave with a great sense of empathy and compassion for those who are touched by suicide.

  • She will use her experience as a journalist to deliver complex themes in simple language, and the information she presents will be based on credible data and rigorous science.

  • Her presentation will be thought-provoking, empowering, and memorable.

Individual training


Paula also offers one-on-one training.

Group training

For training for corporations, government bodies, NGOs, mental health professionals, media organizations, and healthcare providers, check my TRAINING page.




To book Paula, please contact her agent:

Renata Kerwood




Author of  "The Attachment Effect"

"I had the pleasure recently of being a guest on Paula's podcast.  From her questions, it was clear she had done an impressive amount of preparation, and her comments throughout our long conversation were insightful.  I'm sure as a speaker or trainer Paula will bring a wealth of knowledge and sensitivity to any audience, and I'm glad to recommend her whole-heartedly."


Photographer, suicide loss survivor

"Paula is an incredible host and speaker. She has the ability to pull you into what she is talking about and makes you feel safe and comfortable talking about something as difficult as mental illness and suicide. She was kind and guided the conversation naturally. Clearly a gifted communicator and asset to the mental health community."

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